What Happens When You Ignore a Manipulator ✔️

When you ignore a manipulator, you neutralize the manipulation it exerts on you. This repels the manipulation attack on you. And that’s the most useful tactic you can do.

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What is Manipulation?

Manipulation involves influencing someone to act or think in a certain way by deception or coercion. It is a type of control that many people use to gain an advantage in a situation.

Learning the full meaning of manipulation is the first rule of avoiding it.

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How do you know if someone is manipulating you? (5 Tips)

It will be helpful to understand that a manipulator is manipulating you. So you can learn how to get rid of its effects. Come find out with a few titles.

1. They deny what you say

When you openly say that your feelings are hurt, they deny it. Lying is their most natural habit. That’s why they do their best to break your self-confidence.

When they destroy your self-confidence, you are vulnerable. They play on you at that very moment. Whatever the subject is at the moment, they take advantage of it to rise to the top.

2. Impress with their looks

Manipulation is not only with words, but also with appearance. The fact that your opposite sex looks very attractive and well-groomed at that moment can manipulate you.

Even a perfume or deodorant she uses can impress you. From that moment on, you fall under the influence of the manipulator, and that’s where verbal manipulation can begin.

We’ll explain ways to avoid this below.

3. They lie

Manipulators first believe the lies they tell themselves. So the lies they tell become the truth. So much so that even you can think the lies they tell are true.

The first rule of being a good liar is to believe the lie oneself first.

4. They give excessive praise

They praise you excessively even though they have no limits. They may praise your appearance or smell. They may praise your looks. Because these compliments are one of the most effective ways to manipulate a person.

5. They Give Unexpected Gifts

They buy you gifts that you can’t afford. As we just explained, manipulation is not just verbal.

Wouldn’t a new cell phone or a stylish dress seduce you? This is one of the most common ways of manipulation by manipulators.

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How to Deal With a Manipulator?

Dealing with manipulative people is easy than you think. Manipulative people play with your emotions. Responding to them with their own arguments is not the right solution.

Instead of learning to avoid their attacks, you must learn to ignore them.

There are many ways to avoid this. Below we have listed how to deal with manipulative people.

  • Refresh your self-confidence
    • Do a self-installation. This ensures that you do not avoid eye contact in front of manipulative people. This makes the manipulative person uncomfortable.
  • Talk about philosophical topics
    • Philosophy is the explanation of everything. Manipulation is also a matter of philosophy. Manipulators who see the quality of your general culture will be impressed.
  • Don’t interrupt their words
    • Manipulative people are used to being interrupted. Because the person they attack will suffer from it. Do not interrupt their words. Show your difference. Calmly convey your thoughts when they are finished talking.
  • Stay and speak calm
    • Manipulative people speak by rote. And they know that what they say evokes high feelings in the other person. If you remain calm in response, you’ve neutralized one of their greatest tactics.

+1 Bonus Tactics to Deal With Manipulative People

Don’t be surprised by what they say. Manipulative people know that their arguments and actions will surprise the other party. When you destroy it, their self-confidence will be destroyed.

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Rights and Wrongs Against Manipulative People

Being surprised by what they sayRight
Accepting their gift immediatelyWrong
Being skeptical of what they sayRight
Confirming everything they sayWrong
Being able to answer immediately when they finish speakingRight
Praising the manipulative person’s appearanceWrong

Signs of a Manipulative Man

  1. He wants to control you and your thoughts.
  2. He says your thoughts are nonsense.
  3. He says that his own research on every subject is more accurate.
  4. He’s always well-groomed and shows it off.
  5. He thinks it’s your fault, not his.
  6. He says he is not afraid to apologize. But he doesn’t apologize.
  7. He tries to change your feelings.
  8. If the choices you make don’t suit him, he tells you to change it.
  9. He criticizes what other men do.
  10. She exemplifies what other women do. It puts them above you.
  11. He puts up emotional pressure and does it unnoticed.

Women are often targeted by manipulative men. These men use their charm and good looks to lure women in, and before the woman knows it, she is trapped in a web of lies and deceit.

These men are often very smooth talkers and are experts at getting what they want. They will say anything to get the woman to do what they want, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want from her.


What About Manipulative Women?

Just as there are manipulative men, there are also manipulative women. They use more emotional manipulation tactics than men. Because their voices are thinner and their images are more delicate.

Since manipulative women often wear make-up, it is easier for them to manipulate the man in front of them.

Signs of a Manipulative Woman

  • They care about their appearance.
  • They care about their scent.
  • They always give examples from the past.
  • They talk about it being harder to live as a woman.
  • They use red lipstick.
  • They apply red nail polish.
  • They like to walk in front of their men.
  • They want to choose the places to visit themselves.

Emotional Manipulation Tactics

Emotional manipulation tactics are often used by manipulator people.

We have listed them.

  • Talking with watery eyes
  • Thinning the tone of voice.
  • Tilting the head to the side while speaking.
  • Forming sentences halfway.
  • Asking questions about the relationship.
  • Asking questions whose answers you absolutely have to confirm.
  • Telling about things they’ve done for you before.
  • Talking about the sacrifices they made.
  • Saying that you have changed.
  • They make you feel guilty.

In the list above, we have listed the emotional manipulation tactics that come to mind. Long articles can be written about each. But, as the title suggests, these are tactics based on self-affirmation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do emotional manipulators have feelings for you?

They may actually have feelings for you. But these feelings can be toxic. These feelings, which were good for you at the beginning of the relationship, may turn into arguments after a while.

When a manipulator loses control?

If you make them feel that you are aware of it during their manipulation, they will lose control.

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