What Colors Make Hot Pink ✔️ (In 5 Steps)

If you mix the one part red color with 3 part white color and one part orange color, it means that you have found the colors that “What colors make the Hot Pink. In the rest of the article, we explained with pictures.

Mix 1 part Red color, 3 part White color and 1 part Orange color then you get Hot Pink color.

Below, you can see the guide with images step by step by mixing Hot Pink with red, white and orange colors.

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What Colors Make Hot Pink – Ultimate Guide

1. Put 3 Part White Color

Put 3 part for hot pinkPin

Put 3 parts of White color. Sizes from large to small. You don’t need to fill it up. White color makes Hot pink lighter in color.

2. Put 1 Part Red Color

Put 1 part red color to get hot pinkPin

Put 1 part Red color. Get it a little bigger. Because the original color will be red. If you put too much, you will get a dark tone.

3. Put 1 Part Orange Color

Put 1 part orange color to get hot pinkPin

Put 1 Part Orange color. Its size can be almost the same as red. If you put too much, you will get a darker color.

4. Mix All The Colors


Gently blend all the colors with a brush. The hot pink color will begin to emerge.

5. Add Red Color If Not Enough

put more red color if you needPin

If you have not achieved the desired shade of Hot pink, add 1 more part of Red.

6. Tekrar Hepsini Karıştırın

mix all colors againPin

Mix It All Again. This was the final step to make Hot Pink. You can check the result above.

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What Colors Make Pink Without White

If you want to get Hot Pink without using the white color, you can try the steps we have shown above with the pictures without the white color from the beginning. This gives you a darker Hot Pink result.

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What Colors Make Tot Pink Acrylic Paint

To achieve Hot Pink color with acrylic paint apply the steps:

  1. Put 1 part Red color
  2. Put 3 part White color
  3. Put 1 part Orange color then you get Hot Pink color.

How to Mix Hot Pink Oil Paint

There is no difference between oil paint and acrylic paint to get the color hot pink. Although there is a difference in dyeing techniques and appearance, you can follow the same steps above to get the Hot Pink color.

So while painting while oil paint, you can get Hot Pink by mixing : Red, White and Orange.

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Hot Pink Hex Code


With this hex code (#FF69B4), you can make Hot Pink.

Hot Pink Color Code


In Photoshop, Procreate, Paing and Photoscape you can make Hot Pink with this code: #FF69B4

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In conclusion, you should theese three colors to make Hot Pink: White, Red and Orange.

You can learn more in this sources:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors make hot pink icing

For icing, mix theese color: 1 part Red, 2 part white and half part orange.

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